Shri Ramnath Devasthan

Shri Ramnath is a Divine Symbol of the unity of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva). Ramnath is a compound word formed by the unity of two words Rama and Natha. Ramnath means the Lord of Rama. In another way Ramnath also means the one whose Lord is Rama.During the churning of ocean, Lord Shiva drank Halahal (poison) that came out of churning and He held this poison in His throat. His throat became blue and He started getting burning sensation. 

Moments spent in devotion are moments of inner transformation.


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Shree Shanteri

In South Goa, in the idyllic surrounding of Rivona, live the Dravid Brahmins named Bakhle, Totekar, Korde and so on. In ancient times they worshiped their goddess Shree Shanteri in their green and beautiful village. One night one of these Brahmins had a dream in which the Goddess asked to be taken to Lotoulim and worshiped near Shree Ramnath.
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Shree Kamaxi

The Goddess Kamaxi is a form of Tripura Sundari, who is the universal Mother Goddess. In the Lalita Sahasranama, we find a 1000 names assigned to the Goddess Tripura Sundari, and one of them is Shree Kamaxi, which means, “One with beautiful eyes”,or “She whose eyes awaken desire.”
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Shree Kalbhairav

Shree Kalbhairav is the most important amongst the eight Bhairavas. He is the overseer of time, the protector of travellers, the Kotwal of Kashinagari, the destroyer of sins, and the protector of the Worlds. In the Skand Puran, Shree Kartikeya tells Maharishi Agastya, the Divine Legend of Shree Kalbhairav.
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Shree Siddhinath

Shree Siddhinath is the fifth Deity in the Shree Ramnath Panchayatan. Late Shri. Narayan Bhaskar Nayak, in his book on our Devasthan says, “Many call Shree Siddhinath as “Shree Siddhanath”, but as this is Shree Ganapati, this deity should be addressed as Shree Siddhinath.
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Shri Ramnath

When Shree Rama returned from Lanka after achieving victory in battle with Ravana, he crossed the straits and set foot on the soil of Bharat Varsha. Amidst the jubilations, the Rishies noticed Shree Rama strangely quiet and pensive. To their concerned query, Shree Rama expressed his unhappiness over killing Ravana.
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Shree Betal

Shree Betal or Shree Vetal is the mighty chief of Lord Mahadev’s Bhutaganas. The Protector of his worshipers from all evil. Shree Betal, Shree Khanderai, with a sword in one hand, and a shield in another; Rudramala across his body and a crown of cobras on his head.
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Shree Laxminarayan

Shree Laxminarayan is Lord Vishnu with his consort Shree Laxmi. Worshiping both together is the key to attaining a full life rich in both the spiritual and material senses. Worshiping Lord Laxminarayan destroys pride and delusion. He is called as the Ana-adi, the one without beginning or end, the one who is beyond everything else.
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