Small Wooden Palakhi : The procession of Shree Laxminarayan Palakhi is taken on Chaitra Vadhya Saptami on the Punyateethi day of H. H. Indirakant Teertha Swami Maharaj in the Prakar and twice a year near Talli only on the Vanabhojan Days i.e. on Kartika Shuddha Chaturdashi (Vaikuntha Chaturdashi) and on Pournima.  As per the old custom, the Palakhi was carried only by Archaks, Mahajans & Kullavis.  However, in the present times, the morning Palakhi is carried either by Archaks, or by Mahajans & Kullavis and the night Palakhi, the Lalakhi / Sukhasana, is carried by the Khambis. 

Big Wooden Palakhi : The procession of Shree Ramnath is taken near Talli in the morning on Chaitra Shuddha Tritiya (Akshayatritiya).  In the evening, the procession of Shree Ramnath is ceremoniously taken out in Silver Sukhasana from Talli to Prakar.

These above wooden Palakhis were being used to take out procession of Shree Laxminarayan, Shree Ramnath, Shree Shanteri & Shree Kamaxi on Mondays, Panchamis, Dashamis & Amavasyas except in Navaratra, however, in the present days, these Palakhis are sparingly used.

Silver Palakhi : This Palakhi has replaced the Wooden Palakhi that was in use during olden times. This Palakhi is donated by Late Shri. Vassudevrao Vitthalrao Bichu from Thalakwadi Belgaum.  It is artfully carved.  A Golden Gonda to be hung in the Palakhi and a big Wooden Crate to keep this Palakhi safely, were also donated by Late Shri. Vassudevrao Vitthalrao Bichu along with the Palakhi on Mahashivaratri Day, Shake 1873, Saturday, 23-02-1952. 

Silver Sukhasana : This Sukhasana is used to carry out procession of the Deities only when there are more than one Palakhis and on other occasions as per the need.  This Sukhasana was donated by Late Shri. Vijay Vassant Massurekar from Mumbai in memory of his grandmother Krishnabai Rajaram Massurekar, father Vassantrao and mother Anandibai Massurekar on Magh Shuddha Triyodashi, Monday, 20-02-1978.

Golden Palakhi :  The long cherished dream of Mahajans & Kullavis to have a Golden Palakhi for the Devasthan is being fulfilled.  This Palakhi is used to take out Procession of Deities only on last Shravan Monday, Dusshera and during Mahashivaratri Festival.  This Golden Palakhi is prepared out of Devasthan's Fund and donations by Mahajans & Kullavis.

Chaar Devachem Wahan :  This is Devasthan's unique Palakhi.  The Palakhi is designed in such a way that a procession of Four Deities can be taken out together in the same single Palakhi. It has a topmost seat for Shree Laxminarayan, a central seat for Shree Ramnath with a seat for Shree Kamaxi to the right of Shree Ramnath and a seat for Shree Shanteri to the left.  The Right and Left seats can be folded sidewards so that the Palakhi can be taken out through the Devasthan's main door upto the Sabhamantap, where the folded left & right seats are straightened and procession begins.  This Palakhi is taken on all Dashamis except during Chaturmas period.  On Vadhya Panchami in the month of Magh, the Shikhar Kalash Punarpratishthapana Day of Shree Laxminarayan & Shree Ramnath, this Palakhi is placed on a beautifully decorated Mantap in the Nauka Vihar, THE SANGOD. On Falgun, Vadhya Shashthi, on the occasion of H. H. Dwarkanathteerth Swami Maharaj Punyateethi the procession of this Palakhi is taken ceremoniously in the Prakar.       

Lalakhi : There are two Lalakhis in the Devasthan, one with melamine varnish finish and other with color oil paint which is donated by Shri. Prakash Satyavrat Ramrao Pai from Mumbai on 30-09-1969.  These Lalakhis are used to take out procession of Deities only when needed.

Vijayratha :  This ratha is a replica of ratha of Mahabharata wherein the ratha appears to be drawn by four Horses with Lord Krishna as Sarathi.  The Deity that sits in this Ratha is Shree Kamaxi after Simollanghana on the Dusshera day and on Falgun Shuddha Dwitiya during Mahashivaratri Festival.  This Vijayratha was donated by Late Shri. Keshav (Subraya) Datta  Shenvi Kare of Mumbai in memory of late Datta Keshav Shenvi Kare and late Priyagabai Datta Shenvi Kare on 27-02-1971.

Ashva Wahana : On Falgun Shuddha Pratipada, during Mahashivaratri festival, after the Nauka Vihar celebration, Shree Ramnath sits in this Wahan and the procession is carried out in the precincts of the Devasthan.  This  Ashva Wahan was donated by Late Smt. Hirabai Madhav Shenvi Talaulikar of  Panaji-Goa on 08-03-1970.

Garuda Wahana : On the 2nd Monday of Shravana, the procession of Shree Ramnath is carried out in this Wahana.  This Wahana was donated by Late Shri. Ramchandra Vassudev Pai from Merces-Goa.

Elephant Ambari :  On the day of Simollanghana, during Dusshera festival, the procession of Shree Shanteri is carried out on this Wahana.  On Magh Vadhya Triyodashi, on Mahashivaratri Day, the procession of Shree Kamaxi is carried out in this Wahana.  This Ambari Wahana was donated by Late Shri. Padrigudde Mukund Narcinva Shenoy from Mumbai in memory of late Smt. Amba alias Laxmidevibai and late Padrigudde Narcinva Shenoy on Vijayadashami, thursday, 08-10-1981.

Khandyavarcha Ratha : This ratha has a special significance.  During the unfortunate bad days when Deities were being shifted from Loutolim, Shree Ramnath Deity was rested overnight in the Adpaikar's House, at Adpai, on the bank of River Zuari.  The Adpaikars helped the safe transition of the Deity to Ramnathi which was the safe place as per the Divine indication.  This event is celebrated by Mahajans and Kullavis along with Adpaikars during Mahashivaratri Festival.  The Adpaikars stay overnight in the Precincts of the Devasthan in the Agrashala on the previous day of the celebration.  On the following day of Mahashivaratri, (Vadhya Chaturdashi / Amavasya), in the month of Magh, at 5.00 a.m. a silent procession is taken out from Devasthan Sabhamantap to Mahadwar near Talli with an Idol of Brass Nagha seated in this Ratha. Then a Silver Sukhasana procession of Shree Ramnath is taken out from Ramnath Chowk to the Mahadwar accompanied by Archaks, Mahajans and Kullavis along with traditional Shehnai Vadan. Shree Ramnath sits in the Ratha and the procession then comes back to Devasthan's Sabhamantap ceremoniously with all Mahajans and Kullavis  along with Adpaikars, dancing to the beats of Dholls & Tashas.  Again at 5.00 p.m. Shree Ramnath sits in this Ratha and the ratha is placed in the Sabhamantap. The Ratha is beautifully decorated with Orange triangular Flags with Shree Ramnath Prassanna inscribed on it, Abdagirs and Maruti Idol on the top. The devotees, in large numbers, carry this Ratha in their forearms and dance rhythmically to the beats of the dholls & tashas, in the sabhamantap. The devotees present in the sabhamantap throw Laadus, Khajem, coins etc. on the ratha and seek Blessings.  The Ratha then steps out in the Devasthan Prakar and with the same fervour goes for a Pradakshina to the Temple.  All along the path in the prakar of the Devasthan, the hands carrying the ratha change but not the enthusiasm. At 5.00 a.m., a Silver Palakhi of Shree Kamaxi accompanies the procession of Shree Ramnath seated in this Ratha and at 5.00 p.m., a Golden Palakhi of Shree Kamaxi accompanies the procession. When the procession is brought back in the Sabhamantap, Narall Ovalni to Shree Ramnath is performed.  Narall Ovalni to Shree Kamaxi is performed on the Amavasya Day by large numbers of Mahajans & Kullavis after the completion of Drama.