During Mahashivratri Festival there was a tradition to stage Dramas in the Devasthan.  Despite of having dynamic Artists from amongst the Mahajans, non mahajan artists were invited to stage the dramas.  This Pratha was broken and in the year 1946 a Natyamandall was constituted by active mahajans from Pai Angle, Keni, Sinai Talaulikar, Shenvi Kossambe, Shenvi Kunkollienkar families and from then onwards only artists from Mahajans started staging Dramas during the Mahashivratri Festival.  Since 1949, it was decided that the female artists from Mahajan families only were given a chance to participate in the Natyamandal’s Dramas & Lalit Karyakramas that were staged during Mahashivaratri Festival.

The committee which oversees the affairs of the Natyamandall is comprised of the President, Secretary and other five members and is elected every three years.

The Committee for the Triennium 2016-2019 is as follows :

  1. Shri. Jeetendra S. S. Borkar                                         –              President
  2. Shri. Rohan R. S. Kunkolienkar                                  –              Secretary
  3. Shri. Siddharth B. Nayak                                              –              Member
  4. Shri. Mayur P. Keny                                                       –              Member
  5. Shri. Girish M. S. Sambary                                           –              Member
  6. Shri. Umesh  A. Pai                                                        –              Member
  7. Shri. Harish S. S.  Lotlikar                                            –              Member


Natyamandal Commitee

Natyamandal Committee

(Left to Right)Venkatesh Angle, Sandesh Kosambe, Jitendra Borkar (Behind L – R) Yogesh Sambhari, Audhoot Kunkalienkar

60th Anniversary of Ramnath Natyamandal

The Ramnath Natyamandal celebrated its 60th anniversary. On this auspicious occasion a programme was organized at 5:00pm in the Devasthan Sabhamandap in the august presence of H.H. Shreemad Vidyadhiraj Swamiji.The programme commenced with the Ramnath Stuti “Jay tu jay Shree Ramnatha…” The Natyamandal President Shri. Bhagwant Nayak along with his wife performed Padyapooja and welcomed Swamiji.

A book ‘Shree Ramnath Natyamandal’, giving the entire history of the Natyamandal was also released at the hands of H.H. Swamiji.

Later, our Kalakars were felicitated at the hands of Swamiji.

Then the celebrations for the day concluded with the ‘Mangalacharan’.