Shree Santeri

Shree Shanteri

In South Goa, in the idyllic surrounding of Rivona, live the Dravid Brahmins named Bakhle, Totekar, Korde and so on.

In ancient times they worshiped their goddess Shree Shanteri in their green and beautiful village. One night one of these Brahmins had a dream in which the Goddess asked to be taken to Lotoulim and worshiped near Shree Ramnath. Needless to say the GSB families from Lotoulim were overjoyed to welcome the Goddess to their Village. The Murti in the form of Shree Mahishasurmardini was installed with appropriate Vedic rites in a temple at Lotoulim.

To this day, at the time of Kaul Prasad, any member of the original Dravid Brahmin families being present in the Shree Shanteri temple is given priority.

The beautiful idol of Shree Shanteri has her right index finger pointing towards the right. The Mahajans of Shree Ramnath take it to say”Pray first to Shree Ramnath and then come to me”. This idol is silver and in 1979 it was proposed to cover it with gold plate. When asked through Prasad for the permission to do so, Shree Shanteri indicated that Shree Ramnath should be asked for the permission, just like the pose of the idol seems to say. Of course Shree Ramnath gave a favourable Prasad and the task was completed.

In the form of Shree Shanteri, the goddess represents Mother Earth. Her fertility, Her bountifulness and Her providing us with food, shelter and everything else.

As Shree Shantadurga, She is the peaceful form of Ma Durga who mediated between Shree Vishnu and Shree Mahadev to bring peace to the world. Late Shri. Narayan Bhaskar Nayak mentions in his book that the Temple of Shree Shanteri was to the left of the Shree Ramnath Temple in Lotoulim.

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